another food & fashion blog;

I have always been food obsessed – always wanting to find somewhere new to eat, or trying every joint in the city to figure out who actually serves the best burger and fries, the best novelty dish, the best beef taretare. Combine that with my love of fashion, and here we are. Another food and fashion blog.

What’s my style? If I had to put a label on it, I guess I would call it casual chic. Don’t be mistaken – yes I love my Roshes and graphic print crew neck sweatshirt as much as the next sneaker head, but I like to go all Devil Wears Prada for an evening out. When it comes to food, I don’t have much of a strict diet. I am the type of foodie who eats what she wants and doesn’t even think about the calories. If it’s delicious, I’ll indulge no matter what. Life is too short not to enjoy some chocolate cake after that steak.

So here it is – the newest fashion and food blog on the block. Come with me on this journey from sneakers and poutine to high heels and red wine. As well as the occasional book on my night stand.

Let’s eat and drink. Fashionably.