Electric Mud BBQ;


“If you can kill it, we can grill it!”

I love a good backyard barbecue – food cooked on the grill, a selection of sides,  flavourful sauces, cold drinks, and great company!

Just off of Queen Street West, west of Dufferin Street, is a backyard barbecue experience without elaborate end-of-day clean up. Complete with picnic tables and warm porch lighting, Electric Mud BBQ’s relaxed atmosphere is sure to make you feel – to be perfectly cliché – like you’re at home.

Starters & Sides;

Ahi tuna poke, coleslaw, and potato salad

The ahi tuna poke was the first dish to hit the table, but we’ll come back to that. The coleslaw at Electric Mud is not your everyday, soggy, smothered in mayonnaise, kind of coleslaw – it’s fresh, lightly tossed, and topped with cheese. It really couldn’t get much better; especially for someone who doesn’t always reach for the coleslaw on the table. The potato salad was chunky and creamy, just the way it should be. The size looks small, the portion is actually perfect because it’s so filling.

Back to the poke (POH-keh) – this is definitely a must-order item and it was my favourite dish of the evening. Poke is a Hawaiian dish made from raw Yellow Fin Tuna (marinated in sea salt), soy sauce, roasted crushed kukui (candle) nut, sesame oil, seaweed, and crushed chillies. To be perfectly honest, I was very surprised at how authentic the poke tasted at Electric Mud. If you have ever been to Hawai’i, I would say that this is the place to go to get your poke fix!

A word of caution – if you are not a fan of sashimi, then poke is not for you.


Dry-rubbed beef ribs, BBQ chicken (not on the regular menu), and the Porch Crawler

Electric Mud’s BBQ Chicken is also a must-order item, but sadly it is not a part of the regular menu. We were lucky enough to come on a night when it was one of the specials for the day. Without any barbecue sauce basted on, the chicken had such a great smoky flavour and the inside was so juicy. I actually tried to order a second one, but they were sold out by the time our server came around again. As for the beef ribs, I liked the flavour of the dry rub, but the meat was a little bit too dry for my liking. Don’t let that discourage you, though, from trying them.

My drink of choice, the Porch Crawler, is made with Thai basil gin, watermelon, lemonade, and simple syrup. This simple, very refreshing cocktail is so light and very easy to drink. Something to note – all cocktails at Electric Mud BBQ can be ordered as a pitcher!


Dark denim jeans (H&M), a basic black t-shirt (Zara), layered with a statement denim jacket (BCBGMAXAZRIA), accessorized with my favourite grey booties (Aldo)

Don’t forget to check out Electric Mud BBQ’s website – http://www.electricmudbbq.com


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