Fashion Week Essentials;

TOFW Essentials

Toronto World MasterCard Fashion Week is only a few days away. You bought your tickets, planned all of your outfits, but what is going to be in your bag? Between shows, events, and parties, it’s one long week – do you have everything you need to help make it through?

Here are a few essentials that are crucial to Fashion Week survival.

A great pair of low-heel booties – Heels and stilettos are great. They’re fabulous and make your legs look amazing, but if you’re flat-footed like me (such a curse, I know) you need a shoe that can keep up with you and all of the running around you’ll be doing. An added bonus – you won’t need to rest your feet, and you won’t need to pack that “just-in-case” pair of flats for when your feet finally give out.

Your favourite protein bar – I always have one or two Cliff Crunch Bars in my purse for the longer work days, so of course I will stash a couple more for fashion week. You’ll need to keep your strength and energy up and with everything happening around you, you might not have a moment to stop and buy that quinoa bowl.

Coconut water – Speaking of keeping your energy up, it’s also important to keep hydrated. Don’t forget to throw a bottle of water in your bag or grab a coconut water to restore those electrolytes. Coffee or tea is also super important for my fellow caffeine addicts; plan on increasing your intake next week.

Breath mints – Another essential for me; I never leave the house without some – Ice Breakers to be specific. It’s always important to keep your breath minty fresh – you never know who you’ll be shaking hands with.

Notebook – For any notes or quick sketches you need to make during shows. The next day is always fun and interesting when you to try and decipher everything you wrote while not looking at the page.

Lip colour – For touch-ups and reapplications. Don’t forget to have your lip balm, liner and gloss in your bag to keep your lips kissable and looking just as fabulous as the rest of your outfit.

Toronto Fashion Week kicks of on Monday, March 23rd, 2015 – http://www. 


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