Holy Chuck;

Their business is burgers. With a menu of about thirty different variations, how could it not be. Unlike the the menu at Wild Buger (see previous post), Holy Chuck makes all its burgers with the original hamburger protein, which is freshly ground on-site. Don’t think that this makes your choice any easier, because it doesn’t. For adventurous types, it can be hard to choose your first time out. Oh yeah, and you also have the option to upgrade your burger to an all bacon patty or a lamb one.

The spread – The Jerky Cow: a double cheeseburger fried in a spicy and salty jerk sauce, topped with bacon and a fresh slice of seared pineapple; served with an order or onion rings and lemon herb aioli. Dessert: Nutella funnel cake and a deep fried Twinkie.

A little bit greasy for my liking, but it was spicy with the perfect touch of sweetness from the pineapple. Although I haven’t tried any of the other burgers on the menu yet, I feel already as if this will be my go to. In my first visit to Holy Chuck I ordered the truffle fries, although a little expensive, are worth every penny. As much as I wanted to have them this time around, I gave up french fries for Lent and had ordered onion rings instead. The onion rings are panko breaded instead of the traditional batter and pair well with the aioli for dipping.

A Nutella funnel cake and a deep fried Twinkie. Need I say more? They were both just as delicious and satisfying as you can imagine – hot from the deep fryer, topped with ice cream and fruit sauce. If you still have room after your meal, you must get either one or both of these!

Holy Chuck has two locations – one in Toronto at Yonge Street and St. Clair Avenue West, and the other one (which I went to) in Woodbridge at Highway 7 and Pine Valley Drive.

Don’t forget to visit their website for their full menu – http://www.holychuckburgers.com


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