Rock Lobster Food Co. + the look;

I have been wanting to go to Rock Lobster Food Co. for quite sometime now, and I finally got to eat there for my birthday – it took almost year, but better late than never!

The Spread – Appetizers: Cape Ann & Malaspina oysters, crab cake on a bed of salad, lobster chowder, and lobster poutine. Entrées: Grilled shrimp mac and cheese, and lobster roll with Yukon chips. Dessert: a slice of Dulce de Leche cake and a trio plate of a Nanaimo bar, a Rice Crispy square, and a mini-butter tart.

Appetizers — let’s start with the oysters. I am a huge lover of shucked oysters, provided that they’re a bit smaller because the bigger ones are a little more difficult for me to eat. I enjoyed both types that were served to us, but there wasn’t a lot of meat on them. Although the Cape Anns were smaller the way that I like them, there just wasn’t much oyster there. The chowder and crab cake were very good, I would definitely order them again – both had nice flavour profiles and you could still taste the delicateness of the lobster and crab. Now to the lobster poutine… I have to say that I was a little bit disappointed. It’s not that it wasn’t good, I just think that I had built it up too much in my own mind because I had wanted to try it for so long and I would see photos of it all over Instagram. Despite being slightly underwhelmed, I would still order the poutine again, but itès not a must-have.

Shrimp mac and cheese

My entrée — the shrimp mac and cheese. Baked, as is traditional, but without the bread crumbs. Although I don’t know what kinds of cheese they used, the flavour was incredible – it tasted like more than two types of cheese were used (how funny would it be if there was only one?). Even without the breadcrumbs, there was a nice crisp to the top layer that you would expect of a baked mac and cheese. There could have been more shrimp though… those three pieces of shrimp in the above photo was it. I know, how sad.

Dessert was quite an upset – Rock Lobster is not exactly known for their desserts, and now I know why. I’m not much of a dessert person; I would rather order lots of appetizers before my entrée and not have room for dessert. So on the rare occasion that I do decide to end my meal with something sweet, it should be worth it.

Overall, I did enjoy the food at Rock Lobster and I would definitely go back. I just won’t order dessert next time.


The look — my favourite printed floral jeans and a simple black drape top with a button at the collar. Both are from H&M – the jeans unfortunately are from last year, but the top I purchased at the beginning of February.


One thought on “Rock Lobster Food Co. + the look;

  1. aleksawal says:

    Too bad you didn’t like it, this is actually one of my favourite go-to restaurants for an easy dinner and I go to the Ossington location way too often! Maybe next time try going on a Sunday for their $25 lobster dinner…can’t beat that.


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