Wild Burger;

At Mount Pleasant Road and Eglinton Avenue East, there is a new burger joint that is offering a new burger experience…

the menu;

The menu at Wild Burger

The menu at Wild Burger

Everything from beef to fish to kangaroo – Wild Burger has the most protein selection out of any restaurant, let alone burger joint, in Toronto that I have been to thus far. Although the menu can be a bit overwhelming at first-glance, the staff are more than happy to help you make a selection. An easy tip – the further right you move on the menu, the more adventurous your choice becomes. Even if you decide to play it safe your first time out, their beef burger is not an ordinary beef burger. Topped with blackberry sauce, sautéed onions, and aged white cheddar, the beef burger is still a good choice.

The spread — Korean Chicken burger with a side of poutine

Like I said, the menu can be at bit overwhelming at first glance and it did take us a while to decide what we wanted. I had walked into Wild Burger with every intention of ordering from the right side of the menu. I was ready to try the Middle Eastern Camel burger but something about the Asian flare of the chicken burger kept appealing to my taste buds.

To my surprise, the chicken burger was not a grilled chicken breast on a bun, but a burger patty made of ground chicken seasoned with bulgolgi spices. On top of the patty is a slice of Chevre, a fried egg, and some Kimchi. The Chevre, or goat cheese, was so creamy and it paired quite well with the sandwich as a whole. The flavouring of the Kimchi was much more subtle than when traditionally made, so it was not overpowering. The fried egg does make the burger a bit messy and difficult to eat once you bite into the egg yolk, but don’t let that stop you. If you are looking for a simple burger, this one is not it – there are a lot of layers in the Korean Chicken.

The poutine is made with fresh cut fries deep fried in duck fat – adding that extra something, and the brown gravy, made from scratch, was very flavourful. The one thing I always look for in my poutine is that the cheese curds are at least partially melted by the gravy – so key. As good as the fries and gravy were, the cheese wasn’t melted.

If you’re looking for a new burger experience, Wild Burger is the place to go.

Be sure to visit their website – www.wildburger.ca


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