the BEAST restaurant;

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On Tecumseth Street just south of Adelaide Street West, there is a house converted restaurant taking brunch to a whole new level. Although they are open all day, The Beast Restaurant is known for their brunch. Always with a line-up outside the door, it is the only time of day that they do not accept reservations.

The spread — the “poutine”, peameal bacon bennedict, and challah french toast, complete with a mornig mimosa and caesar.

Let’s start with the “poutine”. Not made with fries, but with fried gnocci – hence the quotation marks. Crisp on the outside, but still so soft on the inside it almost melts in your mouth. The home made gravy changes from day to day so the taste will change depending on what protein they used to make it – the day I visited was a savoury duck gravy. Even without the fries, this “poutine” was everything that it should be. A perfectly cooked potato swimming in gravy, topped with cheese curds.

When I cannot decide what to order for a brunch outing, my go-to is always the eggs bennedict. So how could I not order the eggs bennedict and taste the from-scratch hollandaise my first time at Beast? Everything was pretty standard. English muffin, poached egg, a thick slice of peameal bacon, and hollandise sauce. I was was not disappointed. The bacon was a good size, and there was just the right amount of hollandaise. Not to mention, my eggs were cooked perfectly. I opted for the seasoned potatoes as my side and they were just as tasty as the everything else on my plate.

The second meal of choice was the challah french toast – “topped with duck confit, cranberry mostarda and whipped creme fraiche served with a side of maple syrup.” If you have never tried challah bread, it is a sweet, rich, and decadent braided bread which was traditionally eaten on the Sabbath as well as Jewish holidays. Before my visit to Beast I had never tried chllah bread made as french toast, but I was presently surprised. It paired very well with the duck confit and cranberry mostarda (a condiment made with fruit and a mustard syrup).

Probably the most popular item on the menu are Rachelle’s donuts (not pictured – they ran out before we had a chance to order them). When we first sat down our server asked if we wanted to order them first and we decided to order them at the end of our meal – huge mistake. Word to the wise – always order your doughnuts first.

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