First things first; Home of the Brave


One of my favourite restaurants in Toronto, by far, is Home of the Brave. Located near the corner of King Street West and Portland Street, this second floor restaurant serves some of the best food I have ever had and plays the greatest selection of old school hip hop. I stumbled upon this place last year while making my way home from the Christmas Market during a pretty bad snow fall, and I have not stopped going back.

The spread – a juicy, messy, pulled-pork sandwich, a side of Brussels sprouts, chicken and waffles, the infamous Freedom Fries, and a seasonal eggnog ice cream sandwich with a gingerbread cookie (not pictured)

Oh, the ice cream sandwiches. I have two major weaknesses when it comes to food: french fries and ice cream. What’s so great about the ice cream sandwiches at Home of the Brave? You can never expect the same flavours. Each time I have gone, the ice cream and the cookie that surrounds it have always been a different combination. I always get one even if I am too full. A rule in life – ice cream is always a good idea.

But I digress… I try to get something different each time I visit Home of the Brave, but I always make sure to get an order of the Brussels sprouts and the Freedom Fries. I know most people are not a fan of this miniature version of a cabbage, but when they’re smothered in a smoked cheese sauce and covered in parmesan and mustard seed, how can you not be? Even if you don’t like them, I encourage you to try them at least once at Home of the Brave. They’re a game changer. As I’ve said, french fries are a big weakness for me; they always have been. There isn’t anything too fancy going on with the Freedom Fries, but they are quite addicting. Served with a coriander catsup and malt vinegar (sidebar –  malt vinegar is the best vinegar for fries), these fresh-cut fries are tossed in manchego cheese and herbs. For first timers, the Freedom Fries are a must.

They have a saying at Home of the Brave and it’s very simple: “Join or Die”. Regardless of the latter option (as if they would actually kill you for not liking the food), after you eat there, it’s as if joining them is the only option.

Be sure to check out Home Of The Brave’s website –


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